Online Casino Malaysia

Whether you realize it or not, gambling is a staple pastime and hobby for Malaysians all over, and online casino in Malaysia know this for a fact. Over the past decade, it’s only grown and grown with every Malaysian who carries a phone around for hours a day. 

Each one of them are looking for better, faster, safer, more reliable ways to play online casino games and make money online in Malaysia. And for each one of them there are thousands of online casino websites. Each one desperately chasing after them for their membership, their playtime, their money. It’s fortunate that we as Malaysians have such a diverse selection of excellent online casinos, but this all presents a single issue.


“HOW are we supposed to tell the good ones from the bad ones?”


That’s what Online Casino Malaysia (OCM) is for — we sift through the dirt and mud so you can focus on the gold.


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At Online Casino Malaysia, you’re not just looking for any online casino in Malaysia — you’re looking for the right Malaysian Online Casino. Here, you’ll find an all inclusive, informative, and honest independent reviewer looking to provide recommendations for your search for the most rewarding gaming experience.


Why Online Casino Malaysia (OCM)?

Or any reviewer for that matter? 

After all, all we do is tell you how we “cracked the code” with one game and “hacked” another one for bigger wins. All that drama and talk, just to bog you down with a giant sheet of statistics and math you swore never to touch again since your student days, just to get a couple of clicks at your expense. Except OCM isn’t anything like other online casino reviewers.

We’re a your-needs-first service that prioritizes delivering objective information to further your own search for the best, most trusted online casino Malaysia.

Our Goals

Our Audience

Our Process

To provide you with all the information you need when finding the right online casino platform to invest in.

Whether it’s an industry legend hosting all the classic golden-era games or a brand new, cutting edge provider with VR experiences, we’ll find just the right online casino to tick all your boxes.

Naturally, Malaysian bettors come first, as is our namesake — their needs, questions, and all things best for them.

Though, you’ll find that our reviews are beneficial to anyone who plans to visit these online casino gaming sites.

Amateur or veteran, every bettor deserves to know their rights as a player without having to spend hundreds of hours just to find the smallest edge.

It’s not enough to look at the RTP values of one game and go all in on the casino platform.

For every game, provider, platform, and each of their various bonuses, there will be nuances that the average player will never come to realize. Here, you’ll find honest, to-the-point advice. Our strategies are proven, not like the paranoid conspiracy theories that other reviewers might try to pitch you.

The OCM Casino Review Process

How do we review casino online

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our opinions at face value. When it comes to our assessment of online casinos, we consider a wide range of elements and criteria to determine if an online casino platform is truly worth your time and money. 

Just remember that no two aspects of an online casino platform are made equal. Some might consider the attractiveness of the user interface a dealbreaker while others just want the ability to make instant withdrawals. The following are OCM’s methods and criteria at assessing how well an online casino does at meeting your potential betting needs.


Online Casino Games Selection

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the quantity of any online casino platform’s game selection somehow represents the quality of experience the platform is offering. Really, factors like volatility, RTP ratings, smoothness of gameplay, and a whole bunch of other aspects have much more effect on your experience than anything else. 

This is where having a smaller library of games might be an advantage for a casino provider, as they’ll be able to better improve upon these games quickly and efficiently to meet player demands. 

Regardless, every worthwhile online casino platform will spare no expense to provide you with both high-end levels of quantity and quality of online casino games, especially when it comes to classic staples of the casino game genre.


Table Games

The all time classics, you’ll find these anywhere and everywhere, because without them, it wouldn’t really be a casino.

Table Games include online poker, online blackjack, online roulette wheels, baccarat, Dragon VS Tiger, craps and any casino games you’ll find at traditional casinos that’s played around a table.


Live Dealer Games

Like table games, games here are streamed from a real casino table with a real dealer in real time. While not all table games can be live dealer games, you’ll find plenty of live dealer poker, blackjack, and roulette tables since transparency is in high demand for these highly competitive classics.



Spin after spin, no other game in the casino genre has evolved like slots from the online casino boom. Online casino slots vary wildly from one game to the next, even when they’re from the same game provider. In fact, the world of modern slots is so complex and diverse, it merits a completely separate discussion altogether.



As old as the concept of betting, lotteries have evolved alongside casinos and have eventually ended up in the same place. Whether you’re looking for 3D lotteries, 4D lottos, or beyond, there’ll be plenty of options for excitement when you start picking your lucky numbers.


Sports Betting

Instead of betting on numbers, dice, or cards, try sports betting. Sports betting introduces the opportunity to bet on people and sometimes even animals. Whether your sport is tennis, football, or just the upcoming Olympics, you’ll no doubt find a team or player that catches your eye. 

Of course, with all the rules inherent with each sport, the act of sports betting is an art and a science, both being a learnable skill.


Esports Betting

If you’re familiar with the hobby of gaming then you’re no stranger to the idea of competitive gaming. With more and more esports tournaments cropping up all around the globe, online casinos are chasing after this new industry trend to hopefully make bank, and so can you. Unlike the sports of old, these competitive Esports games are changing on a daily basis, and that means you’ll have to be smarter than ever to keep up.


Fishing Games

Unlike its siblings, fishing games are cute arcade games that offer a more casual, easy going experience while still maintaining the appeal of making real money off your success.


Online Casino Game Providers

While it’s the casino platform that hosts these online casino games, it’s the job of the game providers to design them. Like their games, this means no two casino game providers are the same. 

For some providers, they may have a reputation of reliable and stable games that won’t even see the smallest glitch after thousands of hours of playtime. Others will suspiciously start slowing down or crash after a few good spins, though that might not always be their fault. 

Quite a handful of providers pride themselves in maintaining a certain level of quality when it comes to the animations, art style, and visual effects incorporated into their games, all of which can be very heavy on less powerful devices — something to consider when your online gaming experience takes place on a phone or tablet.


User Experience

After committing to a new platform, you can still pick and choose your preferred games from library of game providers. The same can’t be said for the platform’s own convenience and design. Once you’ve dedicated time into a site, you’ll feel the need to stick with it long term. So, it’s important to be aware of all the factors that’ll be affecting the smoothness of your play session before settling down.


Platform Compatibility

The best online casino platforms go the extra mile to provide mobile support by having their own casino app that allows you access to their entire library of games on both Apple IOS and Android devices.


Payment Options

Past the usual list of fiat bank carriers, more and more online casinos are adopting new forms of transactions. Direct transactions to and from Ewallets like Touch N’ GO and Shoppee Pay, or cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc are now common in casino industry. Smart, modern online casinos tend to keep up to date with these trends in player needs and technology.


Bonuses and Promotions

It’s a fairly common practice for online casino platforms to provide deposit match bonus, no deposit register bonus, or other types of online casino bonuses or casino free credit offers to new visitors of their platform to hopefully attract them into staying.

Though more ambitious platforms will encourage existing players to draw in more members by providing downline bonuses where they make a commission of the downline’s deposits. 


Customer Support

Of course, the mark of a truly great online casino is how quickly and reliably they can help with any issues that you might face. These days, the best of the best have dedicated chat functions that link you to a live support operator with just one quick click. 

At the end of the day, this is all done to save  you from wasting massive amounts of time. All while still being able to make informed decisions about the right online casino platform to invest your funds in. Amateur or experienced — stick to our tips, tricks, and guides and you’ll be winning at every bet you make in no time!


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Legality of Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

A common misconception about the act of gambling and online casino games in Malaysia is that it is completely illegal in every shape and form, but that’s simply not the case. 

It is, however, under immensely strict regulation. Licenses recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance like the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) or the Master License of Gaming Services Provider of Gaming Curacao (GC) hold online casinos in Malaysia accountable to high standards of fairness and transparency both to protect existing players from exploitation and their own habits.


Choosing a Trustworthy Malaysia Online Casino

It’s one thing for an online casino to make claims about its perks and payouts, but it’s another to actually find a trusted online casino that can actually live up to those claims.


Licensing and Certification

Licenses, certifications, and permits qualify an online casino platform to be meeting certain levels of industry standards. This is always done for the sake of the players’ safety and protection. You should ideally look into a platform’s claims of licensing and identify what level of quality these sites are held to. 

Find yourself a Malaysia online casino with a long standing, trustworthy seal of approval. Only then will you be able to game and play with peace of mind knowing that your identity and personal information are safe and sound.


Find Honest Reviews

Specifically, independent ones like OCM. 

Guides and reviews like the ones on OCM are important to keeping the discussions around online gaming honest and unbiased. Given how much power these platforms have over the funds of their millions of players, reviews give bettors the chance to understand what they’re getting themselves into before they get swallowed up. 

At this point, if you’re still sceptical, the best thing to do is to trust your instincts. Just remember — if an online casino site looks suspiciously like a phishing scam, then it probably is.



Online casinos in Malaysia rarely put a cap on how much a player is allowed to win — as long as your winnings are legitimate. If you’re looking to make more from your online gaming sessions, try looking for guides and cheat sheets to optimize your strategy to better suit your preferred casino games.
Yes, so long as they possess recognised licenses and certifications, they are permitted to operate and carry out gambling and betting services. Always do your due diligence in researching a site’s legitimacy before committing time or funds, or you might end up with your data and identity stolen.
Rather than just focusing on bonuses and game providers, be sure that the platform has infrastructure like diverse payment options and dedicated customer support lines that help to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible.
Besides the ones here on Online Casino Malaysia, there are hundreds of other online casino reviews across the web, the catch is to make sure that they’re independent and unbiased like ours.
Check out our list of most recommended Malaysia online casinos to start off. Once you’ve worked your way down, you might find one to your liking, or become familiar enough with the nuances of finding a good online casino that you can go out into the wild to find a new personal favourite.
Certainly, most online casinos are mobile-friendly and can be accessed through your device's browser or dedicated casino apps. Mobile gaming offers convenience and flexibility.


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