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An online casino bonus includes offers and promotions provided by online casinos to draw in new players or reward already existing ones. What’s more — amateur bettors love them for making their play sessions last longer and veterans enjoy all the extra winnings they provide. With so many benefits, online casino bonus are an absolute must-have.


The Best Online Casino Bonus

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What’s The Catch?

Well, the catch is that you have to meet all the conditions set for the bonus before claiming it. You’ll find that each requirement affects the way you go about claiming the bonus differently. Each one is designed to prevent players from abusing the casino’s system and its bonus offerings. 

These terms and conditions can seem overwhelming at first, but they’re really quite simple once you recognise them. Just familiarize yourself with our list of common casino bonus T&Cs and you’ll never have a problem claiming your favorite casino bonuses.


Deposit Requirement

This is the minimum amount of funds you need to deposit to qualify for a particular bonus. Other times, casinos will limit the maximum amount of funds the bonus can be applied to.


Validity Period

This is the duration of time you’re given to fulfil the rest of the bonus’ requirements. If you don’t meet the rest of the require by the end of the validity period, you’ll lose your chance to claim the bonus.


Platform Restrictions

Certain bonuses may require you to claim them through specific platforms. For example, some casino platforms will reward bettors with free credit if they sign up through their own casino app.


Game Restrictions

Game restrictions make sure you’re only playing casino games the bonus is applied to. If a bonus is only applicable to your least favorite casino game, it won’t be as lucrative for you as it is for everyone else.


Casino Bonus Compatibility 

Sometimes, certain bonuses may not be compatible with other bonuses. When two bonuses (or more) bonuses are incompatible — only one will be active or redeemed.


Maximum Win Limit

This is the highest amount of winnings or rewards you’re allowed to redeem from a casino bonus. When you keep track of a bonus’ win limit, you’ll never have to waste effort on winnings you’re not allowed to claim.


Turnover Requirement

Turnover requirements are the hardest to overcome when redeeming a casino bonus. This is the minimum amount of winnings you have to make from the bonus before you’re allowed to withdraw the bonus or the winnings. If the turnover requirements aren’t met — the bonus and your winnings made from them are forfeit.


Flat or Percentage casino bonus rewards?

When casino bonuses are offered, their rewards are either a flat bonus or percentage bonus. Each one with its own perks and benefits for different types of players.


Flat Casino Bonus Rewards

✅ Lower turnover requirements. 

✅ Lower minimum deposit requirements.

✅ Beginner friendly.

❌ Not scalable, reward doesn’t increase with effort.

❌ Often single-use only.


Percentage Casino Bonus Rewards

✅ Scalable, rewards are higher with higher efforts or deposits.  

✅ Much more common to find. 

✅ Preferred option of high rollers. 

❌ Higher turnover requirement. 

❌ Fixed maximum win limit. 


Despite differences, both types of rewards are still very profitable for avid casino bettors. In the end, you’ll have to pick the best combination of reward type and bonus type with realistic requirements that you can meet.


Types of Online Casino Bonus

New Register Bonus

New Register Bonuses are single-use bonuses awarded to players for simply registering on the platform. Sometimes, these are also called “No Deposit” or “New Player” bonuses. These bonuses are designed to give new players a small portion of online casino free credit to start their online betting journey. 

Deposit Bonus

Online casino deposit bonuses are awarded to players for simply depositing funds into their accounts. These bonuses reward players who consistently invest funds and play online casino games at the same online casino Malaysia. Here are a few common types of deposit bonuses found on online casinos.

Welcome Bonus Sometimes called First Deposit Match Bonuses — these give players bonus free credit after making their first deposit.
Reload Bonus Casino Reload Bonuses give players extra credit every time they reload their funds wallet.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are awarded to players that exhibit consistent activity over time. The following are a few common types of loyalty bonuses found on online casinos.

Daily Login Bonus Daily login bonuses reward players for logging in consistently day after day.
Daily Reload Bonus Daily reload bonuses reward players for making at least one deposit a day.
VIP Club Casino VIP Clubs are tiered championships that allow players to compete for higher rankings. With more winnings made, the higher your rank gets. Players with higher rankings will get to claim exclusive bonuses and possibly even a grand prize.

Unique Game Bonus

Unique game bonuses are bonuses only redeemable for use on a specific game or a particular game provider. These bonuses encourage players to try a more diverse gaming experience. While any online casino game possesses unique game bonuses — the most popular ones are free spin bonuses for online casino slots

Seasonal Casino Bonus

Seasonal bonuses are only given out during specific times of the year or as part of an ongoing event. The following are a few common types of seasonal bonuses.

Birthday Bonus Birthday bonuses are given to players annually when they log in during their birthday.
Celebration Bonus Celebration bonuses are given out in celebration of popular holidays or festivities. Celebrations like Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Haji, or Christmas will have special celebration bonuses.  
Event Bonus Seasonal bonuses that are tied to specific events taking place. Events like the Olympics, Euro Cup, or Formula 1 Grand Prix will have special event bonuses during their active season. 

Rescue Bonus

These are a rare type of bonus only given out to players after losing a certain amount of funds. This helps players on a losing streak recover a portion of their losses in hopes that they can break even.


Learn To Find A Good Casino Bonus

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll already have a good grasp on all the parts that make up the best online casino bonus. With so many factors to consider, it’ll take you some practice to really get the hang of it all. That’s why we’ve compiled a neat little cheat sheet for all our online casino bonus fanatics. 


Achievable Turnover Requirements

Reasonable Validity Period

Acceptable Reward Returns Ratio

Of course, lower is always better here. Though most online casino bonuses will range between 20X to 35X your bonus amount. 

That being said, keep to casino bonuses you can afford and minimum deposit requirements that are within your budget.

A reasonable period should be anywhere between 7 to 30 days. This will give you enough time to comfortably meet the rest of your requirements without any urgency. 

Pick a casino bonus with a validity period that matches your pace of play.

Ultimately, all we want is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But that doesn’t mean chasing every carrot dangling in front of you.

Optimize your time by prioritizing the most profitable casino bonus that suits your choice of game, available time, and budget limit.


Just remember — the player is always the prize of the game. Never commit to a bonus you can’t afford just because of the potential benefits, or else all you’ll have is the rescue bonus. Practice healthy gaming habits like these and you’ll have no problem making money without spending a cent on your online gaming experience.


Casino Bonus FAQs

They're offered to attract new bettors while also rewarding their most ambitious existing players. This creates a healthy relationship between these online betting sites and the players that take part in their service.
Flat Bonus Rewards are better if you have a more casual playstyle. This is because of the lower requirements that usually come with them, making it much easier to claim them and profit off the bonus.
Percentage Bonus Rewards are better for more ambitious players. This is because the bonus rewards grow the more the player invests or wins, making them very lucrative for skilled players with a successful online casino career.
Players generally agree that Reload Bonuses are the best, since they reward you with extra funds to give you more chances to win big. Though the best bonus is the one that fits your playstyle, favourite casino game, and set budget. Giant, life changing bonuses are worthless if you have no hope to meet the requirements the casino sets.
Casino VIP Clubs reward players with massive bonuses when they hit the top ranks. However, getting to those ranks requires a lot of playtime and funds. This level of commitment is only achievable to the best of the best of online casino players.
You can find them on any online casino betting site under the "Promotions" or "Bonus" tab. Or by reading any one of our in-depth reviews and guides on the best online casinos and their services.