Online Casino Slots

More than any other online casino games, online casino slots are by far the most popular. Even an everyday Joe knows how a slot machine works without ever having played one before. In fact, Genting’s SkyCasino dedicates at least 50% of its floorspace to a sea of slot machines. There’s simply no challenging the status that slots have in the casino industry, online or offline. 

A big reason for this pattern is the game’s easy learnability. Especially during the early days of the game, when all that was available were 3-reel slot machines with a giant arm on the side. All you had to do was drop a token in and pull and watch for the reels to spin triple cherries. 

But times have changed and slot machines with them. Now there are hundreds of online slot game providers, each one designing hundreds of their own unique online slot games. This all leads to players looking for the same thing…

The Best Online Slot Games

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Online Casino Slots : The Basics

Minimum and Maximum Bet Limit

Online casino slot games will have different levels of fixed minimum and maximum bet limits. RTP percentages, attached jackpots, bonus games, and other factors down the line will affect the game providers' decision on the minimum and maximum bet limits. 

Symbols and Paylines

Most online slot games will have between six to eight basic symbols, each one with increasing payouts depending on rarity. Winnings are automatically be paid forward to you when these symbols form a payline. 

The slot provider and number of reels in the slot game determines how many paylines are available. In a 5-reel slot, the most common type of online slot, there can be up to 50 different paylines. 

Free Spins and Bonus Games

Outside of the basic symbols, online casino games will have Scatter and Wild symbols. 

Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter symbol. This gives you the opportunity to cash in on a payline you would’ve otherwise not been able to. 

Scatter symbols will reward you with free spins or a bonus game, depending on the rules of the game. Bonus games will vary from one slot game to the next, but this often involves playing a small minigame for the chance to multiply your existing payline.

Solving the Mysteries of Online Casino Slots

With so many bettors playing so many online slots from so many online casinos — things tend to get confusing. You’ve no doubt run into your fair share of paranoid theories and rumors about playing online slot games in Malaysia. 

Our goal here at Online Casino Malaysia (OCM) is to cut through all this noise and give you true and tested information about playing online casino slot games for a better online gaming experience. Here, we’ll run through concepts beyond the basics — debunk common myths that only make the topic more confusing. 

RNG in Online Casino Slots

“Random Number Generation” is the process of picking a random number from an existing set of numbers. Imagine hitting the SPIN button on an online slot game — the digital slot machine will then pick a random number between 1 to 20. 


“What does the slot game do with this number?”


The online slot game cross references this number with a Virtual Reel Table. This tells the game which symbol the player has landed on. 

Final RNG Number

Symbol Landed For Player


Not representative of any particular slot game; just a demonstration. 

This RNG process is done at fractions of a second, for every position in the slot game. Once every RNG process is completed, all the paylines present are then cashed in for the player.


“Random Number Generators aren’t REALLY random!”


It’s a common complaint you’ll hear in online slot game circles, coming from a general distrust of online casinos. A player’s lack of access to view how an online slot game is developed also contributes to the problem. Combine those two problems and you might think that an online slot casino has no incentive to keep their games fair towards bettors like you. 

That’s where gambling regulators and commissions come in. In traditional slot machines, RNG processes take place completely within a slot machine. Inspections and audits ensure these slot machines are compliant with fair play regulations and gambling laws. If a slot machine is found breaking these laws, the casino would be fined and its players possibly refunded. 

In the current age of online gaming, organizations like the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) fill this same role. Always auditing online slot casinos and their slot providers to ensure that each game meets a standard of fairness towards the player. 

RTP vs Volatility

You’ll occasionally find these two concepts used interchangeably — this is plain wrong. It’s important to learn the key differences between each to truly understand what you’re getting yourself into when you start picking out online casino slots on your own.



RTP, or Return-To-Player, represents the percentage of funds a casino slot game returns to players as winnings over time. A 98% RTP game will return $98 for every $100 it receives, while a 70% RTP slot game will only return $70.

This doesn’t mean you will always get 98% of your funds back from an online slot casino. This also doesn’t mean that a streak of losing spins will be turned around with a big winning spin — every single spin is independent from any spin that’s happened before or after it

No matter what anyone says, there are no such things as Hot Streaks or Cold Runs in online slot machines. Online slot casinos and providers are not legally permitted to manipulate slot games in these ways.

What this does mean is that, over the course of the game’s lifetime, it will redistribute 98% of the funds it’s received back across all the spins made. Your goal as a player is to land as many of those winning spins as possible. 



Volatility, however, represents the relationship between how often an online slot machine pays out and how big each individual payout is. 

A low volatility slot game will have paylines that are very easy to land — but with the payout being much lower. Vice versa, a high volatility slot game has paylines that are hard to land — but with each payout being much higher. 

RTP ratings and volatility do not affect one another. They are simply two separate aspects of any online slot game. However, the volatility of any online slot game will affect how you manage funds, your bankroll, and how long you get to keep playing.

Low Volatility vs High Volatility 

Imagine that you have $10 in your bankroll, making $1 spins in Game A and Game B.

( Low Volatility )

Bankroll Total
(After Spin)

( High Volatility )

Bankroll Total
(After Spin)


You’ll quickly notice that although the total gains in Game B is greater, so are the total losses — leading to a lower total net winnings altogether.

This is of course dependent on luck — you could get 10 consecutive winning spins in Game B, but that also means risking and losing your entire bankroll in just 10 losing spins. While in Game A, landing 10 losing spins in a row is much more unlikely, but 10 consecutive winning spins will also net you much fewer winnings. This creates a risk-reward dynamic. Where high volatility slots online are high-risk, high reward and low volatility games are low-risk, low-reward

If you have a small bankroll, keep to low volatility online casino slots to slowly build up your bankroll bit by bit. This makes your play sessions last longer and keep you from losing money and funds you don’t have. 

Progressive Jackpots

In online slot gambling, progressive jackpots are separate rewards pools that slot games can pay out with each spin. This is done by taking a portion of every bet made and slowly adding them together to one big pot. With thousands of players making bets, popular progressive jackpot slots online are highly sought after. 

“Progressive jackpots only pay out for maxed out bets.”

Again, this is considered an illegal or highly regulated practice. There is no evidence proving that betting the maximum limit will increase your chances of getting the progressive jackpot. 

Must-hit-by Jackpots

Like progressive jackpots, must-hit-by jackpots are a secondary prize found in some online casino slots. Unlike progressive jackpots, must-hit-by jackpots are meant to pay out when the jackpot reaches a certain size. Must-hit-by jackpots must be clearly disclosed by the game provider, including the range which the jackpot will start to pay out. 

For this reason, must-hit-by jackpots are much harder to find on online slot games. Even when they are present, the jackpot reward may be very minimal compared to a progressive jackpot. 

Online Casino Slots Bonus

A must-have when it comes to being an online slot game professional. These are online slot game free credit bonuses provided by the online casino. Designed to draw in slot fans with hours invested into their favorite slot games by offering free credit, spins, or both. 

How to Find the Best Online Casino Slots Game

Bankroll Appropriate

Focus on games that can make your funds last while still generating winnings. 

High volatility games may pay out a lot, but low volatility games pay out more often.

Proven and Fair

Good online slots will have a balanced history of payouts to its players. 

Look for in depth reviews on slot game providers to understand their adherence to fair play. 

Progressive Jackpots

Always play on progressive jackpot slots. 

This is so that you’re always taking advantage of every spin’s chance to win big, no matter how small. 

Maximize Your Bonuses

Cash in on casino bonuses that provide free credit or free spins on top slot providers. 

Or play online casino slots that have plenty of Scatter and Wild symbols — rewarding you with more and more free spins and payline multipliers.  

Always remember — the best player is always the smartest one in the room. Practice safe gambling habits by studying your game of choice to understand all the ins and outs. Playing online casino slots is as dangerous as it is fun, but if you understand everything there is to know about the game, then you’ll catch all the traps and pitfalls that prey on less experienced players.

Online Slots FAQ

Yes, you can. Online casino slots can be a fun hobby to relieve stress and make a small fortune at the same time. If you’re looking to be a professional online casino player, online slots are a good place to start.
To start, you can find the slot game or slot provider’s certification. A well known and recognised certification proves that the slot game meets a fixed standard of fair play regulation. Secondly, you can try finding player reviews for your desired game — this will give you a first hand perspective of a paying player.
No, you can’t. To preserve fair play and player experience, certified online slot games only have independent spin opportunities. There are no such things as Cold Runs or Hot Streaks — a slot game is not more likely to pay out after a series of consecutive losses.
Low volatility slots are best for players starting with a smaller bankroll, or have less confidence in their luck. High volatility is better suited to experienced players with large bankrolls or more disposable funds looking for a potentially more rewarding experience.
Progressive jackpots are better in the long run for being more common and having much larger jackpot sizes. Must-hit-by jackpots are a decent alternative if you’re looking for more attainable jackpots.
You can try several online slot games from a provider before deciding a favorite. A faster method would be visiting one of our OCM reviews. There, you’ll see what each casino excels in and the best online slot games they might have on offer.