ECLBet Review

3.8 / 5

Welcome Bonus 100%

ECLBet Review


  • Established casino brand
  • Wide variety of games
  • Recognition as a multinational gambling platform
  • Comprehensive selection of high-quality wagering services
  • User-friendly website with regular updates
  • Strong emphasis on safety and security
  • Diverse bonuses and promotions, including a 120% welcome deposit bonus
  • VIP program with five levels, offering various benefits


  • Lack of a valid gambling license
  • Slow customer support

ECLBet Review info

Name ECLBet Review
License MGA and PAGCOR
Bonus Welcome Deposit Bonus 120%
Minimum Deposit 50
Visit ECLBET Official site


In the dynamic realm of online gambling, ECLBet stands out as a prominent player that has been captivating audiences since its inception in 2017. As the platform celebrates its six-year milestone, it’s an opportune moment to explore the nuances of this multifaceted platform, delving into its offerings, strengths, and areas that deserve attention.

Introduction To ECLBet

ECLBet has emerged as a thrilling platform in online gambling arena. Boasting a reputation as one of the most successful manufacturers of web-based gaming goods globally, the gaming site offers a secure and navigable gaming environment. The platform has adeptly crafted its brand as a trustworthy and reliable gaming company, earning recognition for its commitment to delivering world-class gaming.


ECLBet Official Partner

In its pursuit of excellence, ECLBet has not only become a prominent player in the online gambling landscape but has strategically forged alliances that elevate its standing. Central to this success is the partnership with Kirara Asuka, a renowned Japanese model and former actress, alongside other influential figures such as Ms. Pui Yi, Charles Tee, DDW Channel, and many more social media influencers.

Kirara Asuka: The Brand Ambassador

As the brand ambassador, Kirara Asuka brings a unique blend of glamour and sophistication to the platform. Her association with the platform is more than just a collaboration; it’s a statement of the platform’s commitment to aligning with influential personalities who embody the essence of excitement and entertainment. Kirara Asuka’s presence adds a touch of allure to the platform, making it not just a gaming platform but a lifestyle choice for those who seek a combination of sophistication and exhilaration.

Born on October 2, 1988, Kirara Asuka is not just a model but nothing short of a Greek Goddess. Her journey from adult video actress to mainstream model speaks volumes about her versatility and appeal. As the face of Eclbet, Kirara Asuka represents a fusion of elegance and dynamism, mirroring the diverse offerings of the platform.


Overall Ratings

In our evaluation of the platform across key parameters, each rating is on a scale of 5:

  • Trust and Fairness: 2.5
  • Games and Software: 3.5
  • Bonuses and Promotions: 3.0
  • Customer Support: 2.5


Basic Information

Founded Year 2017
Safety and Security Stringent measures and encryption technology
Customer Support 24/7 availability through live chat, email, and messaging applications
Compatible Device Compatible with both Android and iOS
Payment Methods Diverse payment methods, including domestic bank transfers and crypto.


Safety and Security

The platform takes the safety and security of its players seriously. The user-friendly website is updated regularly to meet the changing security needs. This ensures a seamless and secure gaming experience. Rigorous safety measures, including the use of encryption technology, protect players’ private information during gameplay. The platform has set a standard for responsible online gambling by prioritizing the integrity of data and safeguarding the privacy of every player. However, the lack of licensing information on the website can cause concerns in the minds of some players.


Bonuses and Promotions

The platform is famous not only for its extensive gaming section but also for its rewarding bonuses. Let us unveil some of these for you.


120% Welcome Deposit Bonus

The platform rolls out the red carpet for new members, extending a warm welcome with a tempting 120% welcome deposit bonus. This gesture goes beyond a mere introduction; it’s a declaration of ECLBet’s commitment to elevating the gaming experience. Tailored for new members making their inaugural deposit, the bonus serves as a catalyst, urging players to embark on their gaming journey with an exhilarating boost.

Platform’s generosity isn’t just a promotion; it’s an invitation to all the players to come and dive into a world of possibilities with enhanced playing power. The minimum deposit amount for this bonus is MYR 50, and the maximum bonus can claim is MYR 100. The rollover requirements are set to 22x.


Daily Cash Rebate (Live Casino)

The thrill doesn’t stop at the welcome bonus; the gaming site ensures that every moment spent in the live casino is a rewarding experience. The daily cash rebate casino promotion proves that the platform wants to serve its players in any way possible. Active members are treated to a 0.35% – 0.75% rebate on every bet placed in the live casino, turning each wager into a potential source of cash rebates. The platform doesn’t just want players to win; it wants them to feel the pulse of excitement with every spin and hand.


Birthday Bonus

Birthdays are special, and at ECLBet, they are celebrated in style. Bronze members and above receive a personalized touch of festivity with the exclusive birthday bonus. This bonus isn’t just a token; it’s an acknowledgment of the player’s journey with the platform. Claimable both before and after 15 days of the member’s birthday, the birthday bonus adds an extra layer of celebration to the gaming experience. ECLBet goes beyond being a platform; it becomes a virtual party host, ensuring that birthdays are memorable not just in life but in the gaming realm as well.


Deposit Cryptocurrency Get 1.5% Bonus

ECLBet embraces the future of finance with its promotion catering to cryptocurrency users. In a nod to the evolving trends in digital currency, ECLBet introduces a promotion where deposits made through cryptocurrency come with an enticing 1.5% bonus. This forward-thinking approach accommodates a diverse audience’s preferences and aligns with the global shift towards digital assets. It’s a strategic move, providing flexibility in payment methods and an additional incentive for those navigating the world of cryptocurrencies. The platform doesn’t just keep up with the times; it surges ahead, ensuring that players have options as dynamic as the games they love.

Each promotion is a chapter in the larger narrative of gaming excitement, adding layers of value and engagement to the player’s journey. Whether it’s the exhilarating welcome bonus, the daily thrill of cash rebates, the festive touch of a birthday bonus, or the forward-looking embrace of cryptocurrency bonuses, every player feels the pulse of excitement with every interaction.


VIP Program

ECLBet’s VIP program elevates the gaming experience for dedicated players. By joining the service, players unlock a spectrum of benefits and privileges. The VIP program comprises five levels—Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum—each offering upgraded bonuses, cash rebate percentages, and tier-level benefits. The VIP program adds a whole new dimension to the gaming experience, rewarding players for loyalty.


Available Games

The platform boasts a comprehensive range of games, ensuring there’s something for every player’s needs. From sports betting and live casino games to online slots, e-sports, and a 4D lottery, the platform caters to diverse preferences. Popular games from renowned providers like Pragmatic Play, SpadeGaming, Playtech, and Play n Go ensure a high-quality gaming experience.


Sports Betting

ECLBet’s sports betting section is a dynamic arena where players can engage in the thrill of predicting outcomes in regular sporting events. The platform’s commitment to quality services and competitive odds ensures that sports enthusiasts have an engaging and rewarding betting experience. Beyond the conventional, ECLBet encourages players to delve into the intricacies of previous seasons’ results and team dynamics, enhancing the betting journey.

The comprehensive gaming environment provided by ECLBet extends seamlessly into the realm of sports betting, creating a space where knowledge meets excitement. You can enjoy the betting experience with games like football, basketball, rugby, and tennis from top gaming providers, including MaxBet, CMD368, and M8Bet.


Live Casino Games

Immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of live casino games at ECLBet, where the virtual world converges with reality. Step up your gaming with live dealer games that allow players to interact with dealers in real-time. The games are seamlessly streamed from studios to players’ devices, recreating the authentic casino atmosphere within the comfort of their homes. What sets ECLBet apart is not just the live interaction but the fact that these live dealer games are played for real money, injecting an extra layer of excitement into the gaming repertoire.

Some of the top contributors in this section include:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Game Play Interactive
  • AllBet Club
  • Sexy Baccarat


Online Slots

For lovers of online slots, ECLBet presents a diverse collection of slot machine games, ranging from classic three-reel slots to games featuring progressive jackpots. Collaborating with renowned providers such as Pragmatic Play, SpadeGaming, Playtech, CQ9 Gaming, Play n Go, and many more, ECLBet ensures a satisfying slot gaming experience. Popular titles like Archer, Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, and Epic Ape offer players many choices and ensure that the anticipation of potential rewards accompanies every spin.



ECLBet provides a dedicated space for wagering on popular games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. The unique and thrilling experiences offered by e-sports betting have positioned it as a prominent choice among players seeking a different dimension of excitement.

ECLBet’s platform not only supports the passion for these games but also sweetens the deal with substantial rewards and prizes, making e-sports betting an integral and appealing aspect of the gaming repertoire. So play with confidence knowing this gaming section is backed by some of the top gaming providers, including TF Gaming, Saba Esports, Maxbet, Inplay Matrix and CMD368.


4D Lottery

eclbet 4D

Adding an element of anticipation, ECLBet extends its offerings to include the thrilling world of the 4D lottery. Here, players can place bets on a 4-number sequence, with prizes awaiting 1st to 3rd place winners, special winners, and those who secure consolation prizes.

Partnering with reputable providers like Magnum 4D, Damacai 1 + 3D, Sports Toto, Singapore 4D, Sabah 88, 4STC 4D, and Cash Sweep, ECLBet ensures not just a fair but a thrilling lottery gaming experience. The inclusion of the 4D lottery completes the diverse tapestry of gaming options offered by ECLBet, catering to players with varying preferences and passions.


Payment Methods

ECLBet accommodates a variety of payment methods, ensuring a convenient and flexible financial experience for players. The platform supports domestic bank transfers, providing players with options for ATM transactions, local bank transfers, crypto, and some of the popular e-wallets, including True Pay and Touch N Go.


Customer Support

One of the pillars of ECLBet’s success is its commitment to customer support. Operating 24/7, the platform ensures that players never have to wait days for assistance. The live chat option allows real-time communication with customer support representatives, providing quick solutions to any issues or queries. For those who prefer support through text messages, can reach out via email or Telegram. This availability of customer support through various channels adds an extra layer of comfort for players. However, some users have faced slow response times on their live chat option, which could be a turnoff.


Final Thoughts

As we reflect on ECLBet’s journey, it’s evident that the platform has carved a niche for itself in the competitive online gambling world. While it boasts an array of strengths, including a solid game portfolio, robust safety measures, and innovative promotions, there are certain areas of improvement. The slow customer support and the absence of a valid gambling license are noteworthy considerations. However, for players seeking a diverse and engaging gaming experience, ECLBet presents a compelling option.


FAQs About ECLBet

Absolutely. ECLBet's availability in Malaysia signifies its adherence to safety standards. The platform focuses on safety and security, employing rigid measures and state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect user information and ensure a safe betting environment.
ECLBet operates primarily in Singapore, showcasing its commitment to providing premier online betting services in the region. Additionally, the platform extends its reach to Vietnam and Malaysia, offering a versatile gaming experience to players across different countries.
ECLBet actively contributes to the esports landscape by providing a dedicated platform for enthusiasts to engage in esports betting. With a focus on quality services, competitive odds, and a wide range of esports titles, ECLBet plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth and excitement of esports in the online betting arena.

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